a o i f e ®

a o i f e ®

a o i f e ® is a sustainable, luxury Irish brand. Its founder and designer Aoife Maria Rooney studied fashion design at the Grafton Academy. She is a champion of sustainability, known for her naturalist aesthetic and interdisciplinary style – one that blends visual arts, textiles, architecture and cultural fashion.

Aoife embraces the natural colours of Ireland, using organic hues from the landscape in her collections. a o i f e ® relies on ergonomic design, sculptural shapes and durable hardware, carrying a minimalist appeal with a down-to-earth feel. The entire development process represents a cyclical journey: respecting the materials’ former lives, while recontextualizing them with a new purpose.

Each bag is made with dedicated attention to detail by skilled artisans in Italy. Collectively, they are designs you can wear — not just carry.

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