The inspiration for Aleo was born from a meeting of minds across the globe. A desire to connect people through artisan craftmanship, understated luxury and contemporary asthethics drove the formation of the brand. Guided by our slow fashion approach, we are focused on creating playful modern handbags and accessories that are as original as they are timeless.

Born in Sydney, Australia, nurtured in Northern India and now based in Ireland, Aleo is a global brand at its core. The brand name Aleo (/’a:.ley.o:/) represents a small village nestled in the Himalayas, where our son was born. We wanted to create something both playful and creative, while remaining true to their passion for sustainability and slow-fashion processes.

Aleo strives to give our customers a fresh, functional and refined aesthetic, rooted in slow sustainable fashion, employing the use of skilled high-quality artisanal craftsmanship. Our collections are our connections; an expansive palette of global influences underpinned by understated luxury.

Aleo, a global brand known for its sustainable and contemporary handbags and accessories
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