Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett graduated with a BA in Visual Communication from the National College of Art & Design in 2017. She has since worked as a Graphic Designer with various businesses & retail stores, creating brands, packaging and products across Ireland and abroad.

In 2019 Barbara moved to Vancouver in search of more design experience. Returning to Ireland in 2020 she immersed herself into painting, practicing on a variety of different mediums. Combining her passion for vibrant prints and love for footwear Barbara set up a shoe customisation service handpainting her original designs onto leather shoes. She launched her first collection in June 2020 and using the power of social media has been receiving many exciting commissions ever since.

Barbara believes that protecting the environment is just as important as bringing beauty into it. This is why she only uses water-based and non-toxic paints so that they do not harm the environment.

Her eccentric prints are designed to excite those with a passion to be bold, vibrant and fearless.

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