Joshua Reynolds


Joshua Reynolds is a highly skilled jeweller with a passion for creating innovative yet timeless and exquisite pieces. He studied Metalwork and Jewellery Design at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin before a period working as a sales person, gaining valuable experience of the diamond industry in particular and the luxury jewellery sector in general.

Driven to broaden his knowledge and skills he enrolled on the prestigious Design and Craft Council of Ireland’s Goldsmithing Skills and Design course in Kilkenny. On graduation Joshua moved to Stockholm gaining further valuable experience in the industry, honing his craft and developing a keen eye for detail and quality.

He then headed to Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, to specialize in micro diamond setting at the esteemed Alexander School, eventually returning to Ireland to establish his own jewellery business in 2022.

Joshua creates beautiful pieces using only the finest precious metals and gemstones. He is committed to crafting jewellery to perfection and elevating tradition to a point where art and adornment merge, creating heirloom quality pieces that last a lifetime and beyond.

Jewellery Designer
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