Lia Cowan

Lia Cowan

Lia Cowan is a conceptual artist and fashion designer with a background in Fine Art having graduated with a BA in Sculpture from NCAD in 2017.

Lia’s approach to design is like that of an artist, diverse themes are researched, explored and responded to. Her sculptural background informs and adds yet another layer to the work, through silhouette, movement and performance.

Each of her pieces embodies its own story and has at its heart its own personal textile tale – handcrafted, hand embellished, hand embroidered and handheld, going through a transformative journey, quilting, casting, gathering, and shirring. In her work, Lia explores themes of femininity and matriarchy, examining the feminal and spiritual bond between women and child. Sewing, applique, needle work and storytelling is the thread that ties this work together.

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