Loom Irish Linen

Loom Irish Linen

Loom Irish Linen is a sustainable sleepwear brand created by Tipperary-based, Melissa Steele. The founding principles behind the brand are sleep and sustainability, with a focus on creating comfortable sleepwear while having a low impact on the planet.

In keeping with the brand’s values, Loom Irish Linen has a very small carbon footprint; the pyjamas are made in Ireland from Irish linen and all other materials sourced are recycled, recyclable or biodegradable.

Melissa designs her sleepwear to be timeless, to create collections that will not change with the seasons and enable consumers to buy better, less often. All designs are created using Irish linen, the benefits of which are manifold. Not only is linen one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet, it also has temperature regulating properties and gets softer and softer with every wear, making it an ideal fabric to sleep in.

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