The Landskein

The Landskein

The Landskein is a contemporary fashion label, that offers luxury with meaning. It tells the story of Ireland’s Heritage using a modern narrative, taking the best of tradition and reimagining in a contemporary aesthetic. We believe in a sustainable fashion that is kind to the environment and every individual in the process. The Landskein offers a collection of contemporary luxury tailored coats for women, using authentic Donegal tweed

The Landskein was founded in 2019 by fashion Designer Anna Guerin. Following 15 years experience of working as a Head Designer for high street brands, branded collections and performance brands she established a design consultancy studio in 2016. The Landskein is the first own brand produced by the studio. Anna graduated with a BA of Design with Distinction from the prestigious LSAD in 2004. She completed a Masters of Business in 2008. As part of her MA, she undertook a research study into the value of Authenticity and Sustainability in the case of Donegal Tweed. Carrying out this research study further deepened her love and interest for heritage of Donegal tweed, coupled with her love for contemporary design, it was only natural that the Landskein collection was imagined and brought to life


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