Vanessa Ree

Vanessa Ree

Vanessa Murtagh, is the creator, designer and maker of the Vanessa Ree jewellery collections.  She is committed to creating statement, meaningful jewellery for women to feel empowered, and embrace their own unique style.

Using a variety of precious metals and alternative materials, Vanessa combines traditional handcrafted techniques with modern product design to create ‘wearable art’. Her current collections include a contemporary take on native Irish animals, an exploration of symbols in modern language and more philosophical themes such as adversity, independence and unity.

Sustainability is important for the brand. Pieces are handcrafted in Ireland, so not mass produced. Metals and materials are recycled as much as possible and sustainable packaging is used throughout. Vanessa Ree Jewellery is the antithesis of Fast Fashion – it is meaningful, fine jewellery, made to last.

The brand can be found on and in select stores.

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