Capulet & Montague

Capulet & Montague

Capulet and Montague was set up by designer Lisa McCormack in 2012. Her unique artistic vision and commitment to innovative techniques used in the production process from laser cutting recycled materials heat sculpting and moulding; and perhaps most importantly, the fact that the company is completely Irish, from the inspiration, design and production of the products to the origin of the materials used, has resulted in a true success story of creativity driven by passion for unusual wearable art.

Capulet & Montague is created in Lisa’s studio in Dublin, where she designs, then meticulously shapes her colourful perspex, lucite and wooden pieces.

Over the years, this award winning designer has built up a network of passionate admirers, both male and female, that proudly wears her designs. The collection is offered at accessible prices so that a wide cohort people can enjoy her work.

In 2016, her work was chosen to represent Ireland on one of the biggest stages in the industry as she became one of only ten Irish designers chosen to exhibit her work at London Fashion Week as part of ‘Unfold’.

Capulet and Montague was set up by designer Lisa McCormack in 2012
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