Lynsey de Burca

Lynsey de Burca

Lynsey de Burca, a graduate of NCAD (jewellery) and NUIG (Gemmology), designs and creates beautiful, quality pieces with a minimal aesthetic inspired by the piers and small harbours along the Wild Atlantic Way. Interesting dimensions are added through the captivating gemstones incorporated in her work.

Lynsey grew up beside a pier in the West of Ireland. This tiny little pier was a treasure trove of fishing nets, lobster pots, crab cages and boat chains. The images are etched in her memory and inform her work to this very day. From the composition of fishing nets strewn over a pier wall to the copper rust tones of boat chains contrasting against the silver tides. Every element an inspiration.

Her favourite link pendants and full chain necklaces highlight an innovative and contemporary   approach to design, accented by evocative Gaelic names like Ancaire, Cloch, Fada and Tonn Bheag.

Created in sterling silver and using centuries old craft techniques, each link in every one of her collections is hand forged. The links have their own unique fingerprint – they are all different, organic. Each individual one retains an untouched raw texture on the outer edge contrasting against the smooth high polish of its flat finished front. This reflects the rough texture of the rocks along Ireland’s coastline in repose against a sometimes flat and tranquil silver tide.

Contemporary jewellery inspired by the Wild Atlantic Way, handmade in Galway.

Contemporary jewellery inspired by the Wild Atlantic
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