Sarah Foy Couture

Sarah Foy Couture

Designing bridal pieces for her clients is Sarah’s passion . She earnestly believes we are all unique, our style, our personalities and what we wear should reflect who we are, not what is expected of us . This is especially relevant on your wedding day. So Sarah says ‘why not wear your favourite colour, why not wear trousers or a skirt or a bomber jacket or sequins’.

Sarah Foy believes in designing beautiful pieces, that leverage heritage and creativity, clothing that can be passed down, treasured and loved for generations.

Sarah Foy is a graduate and past tutor of the Grafton Academy and has worked in design for over 20 years both in Ireland and internationally. For 17 of those years the bridal industry has been her first love, creating space for today’s brides to dream big and bold while staying true to their personal style.

Exquisite bridal pieces designed by Sarah Foy Couture
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