Róisín Dockry

Róisín Dockry

Róisín Dockry is an Irish Designer specialising in luxury slow fashion. She graduated with a BA in Fashion Design from the National College of Art and Design, in Dublin in 2018. On graduating Róisín worked as a designer for a ready to wear brand for 2 years.

She then moved to Barcelona where, inspired by the creative atmosphere, she decided to set up her own brand . At the end of 2022 she returned to Ireland to develop the brand locally, bringing her inspiration and experiences home.

Each of Roisin Dockry designs is carefully hand made on a made-to-order basis. Her passion is to create unique feminine silhouettes that empower the wearer with self assurance and confidence. She has always been influenced by her surroundings and personal experiences, often leveraging memories including those of her grandmother who shared the same creative passion for hand making garments.

When creating her garments Róisín makes a conscious effort to limit the negative impact on the environment. Designing pieces with an environmentally conscious approach is at the core of her approach.

Irish Designer specialising in luxury slow fashion
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